Shelties Available for Adoption

If we have any current doggies available for adoption (or coming soon), they will be listed here. Also, you can see some of the doggies we have placed in the past.

Please note that Nebraska Sheltie Rescue requires that a placement home has a completely fenced yard in order to be considered. There are too many horrible stories about dogs getting out and having bad things happen.


No, he's not a sheltie, but Rodeo sure is a fun dude!

We took him in on a miscommunication from a tiny humane society. But that's not his fault, right? Even though he's a husky mix, we told him we would find him a good home anyway.

(Accepting applications now!)

Doggies Coming Soon!

(Possibly to your home?)

At the moment, all of our doggies are ready to be adopted. This can change at any time, though.

If you want to stay up to date on new dogs, check back here to see or follow us on Facebook for updates.

In the meantime, if you want to be considered for our future dogs, you can fill out our application form and send it to us.

To learn more about what we do for our rescue dogs before we put them up for adoption, see our About Us page.

Past Placements

These are doggies we are happy to have placed in forever homes in the past!


If you are looking for our buddy, Beau, we placed him at a great home in the summer of 2021! He wanted us to tell you all how happy he was to get all the attention and interest. He's pretty happy with the people he's with, though!


Leia was starting to get over being nervous about the world and was ready to set out with a new family! She was placed with a patient new owner and new sibling doggies in September of 2022.


Belle unfortunately had to be surrendered by her previous owner. She is calm, sweet, and amazingly well behaved. As of October of 2022, she is running around with her new humans and adoptive brother Collie!


Rosie came from a bad overcrowding situation where she wasn't cared for very well. Rosie was placed in a great home with a loving couple and a sister doggie in October of 2022.


Kinsley arrived to us on October, 23rd. We are happy that Kinsley moved to her new home just before Christmas of 2022. She has great people and an Australian Shepard sister to love her.


Lexie joined us on November 6th. She moved in with her new family the first week of January, 2023. And yes, there is a lot of petting just like she enjoys!