Meet Tinkerbelle!

Hi Everyone! My name is Tinkerbelle! I am a retired breeder. Well, when I came to Nebraska Sheltie Rescue, I wasn't quite as retired as they thought I was. It turned out I was going to have puppies. I had FOUR of them. Two girls and two boys. They have all found their furever homes. I have now been spayed and am ready to be adopted too!

When I met the people at NSR, I got comfortable with them pretty quickly. They showed me around their house and where I could go outside and potty. The people here seemed impressed with me that I understood things like in and out and did it on my own without help. I thought it all just kind of made sense but I guess some of the doggies needed a bit more help. That made me kind of proud. :-)

I was very protective of my babies when I had them and I still get defensive around the area of the house where they were. It takes me a while to warm up to humans, especially if they get too close to the area of the house where my babies were! But when I do decide I like someone, I really do. Food definitely helps! I really like food. And I will table surf if you leave it down. I really love to chase bunnies in the yard. And run along the fence with the neighbor dogs. I also like to chase the cats. They do not like to be chased though. I don't know why.

I do love to play with other dogs. I get along with all the resident dogs at NSR. I also found my puppies to be much more interesting once they were toddlers and could actually do something other than just eat. I would love to go to a home where I could have another dog to play with!

About Me

General Color Tri-color
Current Size 14 pounds
Current Age 5 years
Microchipped Yes
Neutered/Spayed Yes
Fence Required Yes
Shyness Level 5
Will come when called If I know you well, I will come to you!
Will run from you If I don't know you, I am shy.
Will let you catch me Yes
Will let you hold and cuddle me I love to be petted and cuddle by people I trust. I will even ask you for it.
Housetrained About 98%. Sometimes I have an accident at night.
Obedience Training Needed I know sit and come. I walk okay on a leash. I don't pull, but I might trip you!
Exercise Needs I like to run around the yard and bark at the neighbor dog! I also like to chase bunnies.
Grooming Needs Moderate. I AM a Sheltie! I have to be beautiful!
Shedding Amount Moderate
Reaction to New People I'm cautious but I warm up quickly. Especially for head and shoulder scrutches.
Owner Experience Needed Prefered
Good with Kids I did well around small children.
Good with Cats I chase cats. They are not happy with me!
Good with Other Dogs I would like a dog to play with!
Adoption Fee My people say that they are asking for a donation of $450 to take me home. That helps NSR pay for all the veterinary expenses.

Fill out the online application and let the NSR people know you are interested in me!

Please note that Nebraska Sheltie Rescue requires that a placement home has a completely fenced yard in order to be considered. There are too many horrible stories about dogs getting out and having bad things happen. (For more on NSR's fence policy, see here.)

Adoption Application

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Adoption Contract

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