Adoption Application

Please take the time to fill out our adoption application. Even if we don't have doggies currently up for adoption or you are not certain of what dog you want now, you can be considered for any future doggies that come in!

Some of the information in the form below is required (marked with *) but please consider putting as much information as you can in the application. We take the placement of our rescues seriously and try to find a great match between them and their future owners. Please take the time to read about what we expect from our potential placement homes.

If you have any questions about the information we are asking for on the application, please feel free to email Laurie (a.k.a. "Dog Mom") or reach out on Facebook Messenger.

Please read and acknowledge:


We get many applications for each dog, and of course, we can only choose one placement location for them. We do not act on a “first come, first serve” basis. We look over all applications for each dog, and we choose the best fit for the dog. Therefore, if you are not chosen for a particular dog, it does not mean you were denied or turned down. It simply means that for this particular dog, we found a better match. Please check the box below to indicate that you understand how our selection process works and have read about what we expect from our adopters.

I understand and agree: *

Fenced Yard

Please note that Nebraska Sheltie Rescue requires that a placement home has a completely fenced yard in order to be considered. There are too many horrible stories about dogs getting out and having bad things happen. (For more on NSR's fence policy, see here.)

I have a yard that is already completely fenced in by or is in the process of installation of an intact fence of a height of at least 5 feet at it's shortest place with no holes or gaps.

I understand and agree: *

Timely Process

If you are approved to adopt one of our dogs, will you agree to come to complete the adoption process within 10 days of either being approved or after the dog is ready (whichever is later)?

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About You

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Your date of birth:

Profession:* ("or put retired if applicable")

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Co-applicant (if any)

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Second Home

If you have a second or vacation home, please provide that information here.




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Your interest in Shelties

Have you owned a Sheltie before? * Yes No

Are you aware of how skittish Shelties are with new people, places, and things? * Yes No

Are you aware that Shelties may not be good with small children?* Yes No

Why do you want to rescue a Sheltie?*

What kind of dog are you looking for?

 Indoor companion

 Indoor/Outdoor dog

 Outside dog (with kennel and/or fence)

 Outside dog (no fence)

 Outdoor working dog (e.g. with sheep, cattle)

 Agility dog (one with experience in agility)

 Other “performance” dog

 Guard/alert dog

Please take some time and describe for us what personality you are looking for in a Rescue Sheltie. Do you want a jogging partner? A TV watching partner? A hiking partner? A dog that will be happy being home alone all day while you are at work? A dog to play with your children/grandchildren? Please take some time on this question.*

Are you hoping for one of our available or pending dogs specifically? (Please list by name or a general type -- e.g. "female".)

Working with a Rescue or Shelter

Have you adopted a dog from us in the past? Yes No

If you have adopted from us in the past, who did you adopt and when? Please list all.

Have you adopted from another rescue group in the past? If yes, tell us about that.

Do you have an application pending with another Rescue or Shelter? If yes, please list name of rescue. If no, please type N/A.

About Your Home

What kind of home do you live in?*

 Single Family



 Live with other people

 Military Housing


Do you own or rent your home?* Own Rent

Please check all that apply for the area that you live in:

 Well‐developed subdivision, houses all around

 Subdivision with one or more acres of land

 Assisted living community

 Gated community

 Mobile home park

 Secluded – surrounded by heavy woods

 Urban, downtown, or other busy area

 Residential street, normal sized lot

 Rural home, acreage, woods, fields

 Working farm – cattle, horses, other livestock

 Other (please elaborate)

Please list the names, relationships, and ages of everyone living in your home – even part time:

What is the speed limit on the road on which you live? (in mph)*

Please check all that apply to your home:

 Busy household – friends, children, parties

 Lots of children in the neighborhood

 Noisy – TV, stereo, music, machinery, tools, etc.

 Stray dogs or neighbors letting their dogs run loose

 In‐ground pool in yard

 Lots of wildlife – deer, foxes, coyotes, etc.

 On a busy street or highway

 Very quiet, no children, few guests

How will you handle your Sheltie when you have a young child visiting your home?

Are you planning on moving in the foreseeable future?* Yes No

If you do move away from this home, what would you do with this new dog?

 Take it with you

 Return it to NSR

 Try to find it a good home

 Depends on the circumstances

 Other (please elaborate below)