Lucky finally got lucky when he met Stan and Lisa. They fell in love with him and now they are his parents. He has a new sister too! She is on the elderly side too, so they can live an leisurely life together.

Meet Lucky!

Hi, I'm Lucky! I'm a 9-year-old Sable Sheltie who is down on his luck. My owner could no longer care for me due to health reasons, so I am looking for a new home. I'm a pretty relaxed guy. Kind of a couch potato. Maybe a bit too relaxed. So relaxed I'm overweight. A lot overweight. As in double the amount I should weigh. But that just means there is more of me to love, right? Right? That's what most of the humans say.

Except the vet. The vet says I need to be on a very strict diet. Because my weight is affecting Arthur Itis. I don't know who he is, but he makes my hips hurt, and I have to take pills for the pain. Arthur is such a fat shamer. Who would make somebody's hips hurt just because they are a bit fluffy?

I'm still very cute. I like to be petted and cuddled. I like to meet people. I like other animals as long as they don't run me over and hurt my hips. Kids are fine too if they aren't rough with me. Right now I like to play a very quick game of rope.

Once I lose weight, I might like to start taking short walks if my hips will let me. For now, I'm not really a walking partner. I'm more of a hang around the house kind of dog. But that darned vet says the most important things is to get the weight off me because it is affecting my health.

So if you love Shelties and are devoted to helping me shed half my body weight (and ignore me when I beg for food) you might be my perfect match!

About Me

General Color Sable
Current Size 43 pounds
Current Age 9
Microchipped Yes
Neutered/Spayed Neutered
Fence Required Yes
Shyness Level If you pet me, I like you!
Will come when called Yes
Will run from you I'm too chubby to run very fast
Will let you catch me Yes
Will let you hold and cuddle me I will ask for pets and cuddles!
Housetrained Yes
Obedience Training Needed I know come, sit, shake, and lay down
Exercise Needs Because of my weight, I have trouble with my hips. I definitely do need to increase my exercise though!
Grooming Needs Moderate
Shedding Amount Moderate
Reaction to New People I like people
Owner Experience Needed Experience with pet weight loss would be great!
Good with Kids I am good with kids
Good with Cats I have not been tested around cats. But I am not fast enough to chase them.
Good with Other Dogs I like calm dogs that don't run me over. I'm an older guy and don't play rowdy like the young'uns anymore.
Adoption Fee $450
I will be available after my dental cleaning in early June. You can apply for me now!

Fill out the online application and let the NSR people know you are interested in me!

Please note that Nebraska Sheltie Rescue requires that a placement home has a completely fenced yard in order to be considered. There are too many horrible stories about dogs getting out and having bad things happen. (For more on NSR's fence policy, see here.)

Adoption Application

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