Meet Rosie!

Hi everyone! My name is Rosie! I'm a beautiful Tri-color female Sheltie. Well, I WILL be beautiful when the rest of my hair grows in. You see, I was in kind of a bad situation where I ended up with a bunch of fleas, and I scratched so much that my hair fell out in patches. But I promise you the fleas are gone! And I've stopped scratching so much, so now my pretty hair is growing back!

I had many sibling dogs and cats in my old home, so I am used to being around other animals. I had to leave in a hurry though, and there was no time for anyone to get my name. So the people at Nebraska Sheltie Rescue named me Rosie. I think it's a nice name, but I'm still getting used to it. I don't always realize people are talking to me when they call out for Rosie! I really like my foster home. My favorite thing to do there is fall asleep on my foster mom's lap! Cuddling is my favorite thing in the world!

About Me

General Color Tri-color
Current Size 19 pounds
Current Age 7-8 years
Microchipped Yes
Neutered/Spayed Yes
Fence Required Yes
Shyness Level 2
Will come when called I don't know my new name yet. The people at NSR did not know my old name so they renamed me Rosie, so that's what I'm learning!
Will run from you No
Will let you catch me Yes, I will sit down and shake hands with you and then let you pick me up. I mean we have to be formally introduced before you run off with me, right?
Will let you hold and cuddle me I love to be cuddled! It's my favorite thing!
Housetrained Yes, but please excuse me if I have a few accidents in a new environment.
Obedience Training Needed I know sit and am learning to walk nicely on a leash. I do like walks!
Exercise Needs Moderate: I like to go for walks and have a yard to prance around in.
Grooming Needs Eventually will be high as I'm a Sheltie, right? At the moment I do not have my beautiful coat.
Shedding Amount Moderate
Reaction to New People Cautious just to make sure but friendly once we meet!
Owner Experience Needed I would like to be with someone who has or has had a Sheltie before.
Good with Kids unknown
Good with Cats I have lived with lots of other cats!
Good with Other Dogs I have lived with lots of other dogs!
Adoption Fee The neat rescue people say that they are asking for a donation of $450 to take me home.
I'm having what I hope to be the last of all these medical things done on October 7th. So once I'm ready, would you apply to adopt me. I promise I will cuddle you!

Fill out the online application and let the NSR people know you are interested in me!

Please note that Nebraska Sheltie Rescue requires that a placement home has a completely fenced yard in order to be considered. There are too many horrible stories about dogs getting out and having bad things happen. (For more on NSR's fence policy, see here.)

Adoption Application

If you are interested in adopting one of our Shelties—either an available one or one that may come in the future—please fill out our online application form. If you are interested in a particular dog, there is a place to enter the doggie's name. If you are interested in being considered for any of our dogs—either ones we don't have yet or because one you are interested in is no longer available—fill out an application anyway. We will try to let you know when new dogs that match your interest become available.

Adoption Contract

When people adopt a dog from Nebraska Sheltie Rescue, they are asked to sign our adoption contract. This is so we can feel comfortable that our dogs will be going to good homes, be safe, and treated well. 

Even if you are not ready to adopt a dog yet, you can view this contract to find out and decide if this is something you are willing to do. (To be honest, if you really care about doggies, none of this will come as a surprise.)