Meet the Nebraska Sheltie Rescue

We are a dog rescue program specializing in Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) in Nebraska and western Iowa.  We are affiliated with the National Sheltie Rescue Association.

The American Kennel Club (A.K.C.) describes Shelties as "playful, energetic, and bright". They are generally mid-sized dogs—often about 13-16 inches high at the shoulder—bearing a strong family resembance to their bigger cousin, the Collie. On one hand, they like to bark and, while not agressive, are a bit reserved towards strangers. This makes them a good watch dog. On the other hand, they are sensitive and very in tune with the mood of the household. Because of that, they make for great companions. (They also come in handy if you have sheep. 🐑)

Our Team

Laurie, our founder, has loved dogs -- and shelties in particular -- since she was a child.

Beth has grown up around dogs having literally been raised with the assistance of a sheltie named Maya who watched over Beth from the day she came home.

We also have a network of other dog-lovers who help us out by taking in rescues as needed until we find permanent loving homes for them.

Our Mission

We realize that not only are there people in need of dogs, but there are often dogs in need of people. We play a sort of matchmaker between the two.

Sometimes, these poor puppies either don't have a home anymore or have been removed from what was a bad home.

Our goal is to find them a wonderful new place, family, and life.

Our Organization

We are a registered 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt private foundation. If you donate, you will be helping us help the doggies. However, we would hope that your donation would be more about your kindness in helping the dogs than tax-related concerns.

The link below allows both one-time and recurring donations.

Please help the Shelties!