Meet Rodeo!

Greetings really nice humans! I'm Rodeo. I figure you want to know a bit more about me, right? (You people are all so curious about things!)

I needed to update my bio on here because some new information has come to light. I hope you will all like me anyway! One of the people at Nebraska Sheltie Rescue decided to have some fun and do a DNA test on me. It turns out that I’m not a Sheltie at all! Zero percent! Nada! Nope! I am 49% Siberian Husky, 2% Alaskan Husky, and a whole bunch of other breeds, none of which are Sheltie. Weird, huh? I was afraid NSR would throw me out! But they said I was still one of them and they love me just the way I am! Read further for more information about me.

Also, I’ve been told that because I am possibly 8 years old that I am a SENIOR dog. Well, there is nothing "senior" about me. I’m no puppy, but I’m not an "old dog". I like to be active, but not hyperactive.

My people say I have had kind of a ruff life. I'm not sure what they mean when they say that. Of course I have a ruff life. I mean, I'm a dog, right? That's what we do. Ruff ruff? Anyway, I did a lot of my ruffing at my old home because I was left outside a lot with my brother. We got out of the yard one time and some nice people found us and took us to the Humane Society in Missouri... but our people didn't want us back! The nerve, right? I just wanted to be home again!

Well, after being kept at a little place with nice people that took care of doggies, my brother and I got split up. The cool people at Nebraska Sheltie Rescue came and took me to their home. And wow was THAT great! I got to be inside where it was warm and dry, but I still got to go outside with my new foster doggie friends. And I discovered these things called "blankets" and "pillows". Have you heard of those? They are sooo soft!! Even carpet is better than what I had at my old home where I spent so much time on the dirt.

I really love car rides. That's important because, now that I have people who care about me and spend time with me I'm not really thrilled about being left behind by them. My foster peeps have taken me on car rides to go places because of how disappointed I am when I can't be with them. (I don't know why, but sometimes they say we're going on a "Rodeo Drive". They say my name funny when they do that and laugh a little. But I don't care. We have fun!)

I got along just fine with my foster brothers and sisters and foster cats, but when I was adopted, I did not get along at all with my new brother dog and sister cat. So I’m back at my foster home, and my people think that it’s best if I go to a home with no other animals so I can hog all the attention to myself! Also, men scare me, and I will sometimes bark and growl at them. It took me a long time to get used to my foster father, but we are buds now.

They tell me that they will make sure that I have some really neat new people to stay with for a long time and that I'll still be able to come inside and love you. And maybe go for car rides? And it would be great if you had a blanket or pillow for me. (Do most people really have soft things like that? I really love those!!)

So I would love to meet you. I'm still curious about new people—especially ones that are curious about me! Will you talk to my people so we can meet?

About Me

General Color Tri-color, though mostly black and white.
Current Size 45 pounds
Current Age 8 years
Microchipped Yes
Neutered/Spayed Yes
Fence Required Yes!!!!!!! After what happened to me before, it's best if I know where I'm supposed to stay.
Shyness Level (1-10) 6
Will come when called Yep! Sure will!
Will run from you Nope.
Will let you catch me Sure! That's how I get scrutches!
Will let you hold and cuddle me I like to be petted and cuddled on my terms by people I trust. I don’t always like people to come over my head with their hands. It scares me and I flinch.
Housetrained Yes, but please understand if I make a mistake in my new home!
Obedience Training Needed I know how to sit and come. I pull a bit on the leash when walking.
Exercise Needs I love to go on walks, and I would love a big yard to run in (when I’m not snuggled with my people).
Grooming Needs Moderate
Shedding Amount Moderate
Owner Experience Needed I would like to be with someone who has experience with rescue dogs, or at least is a very patient person.
Reaction to New People I'm kind of cautious about new people. I do like to yell at them a bit at first—sometimes because I'm nervous and other times because I want to see if they will play. (They gotta be more enthusiastic and fun than those cats!)
Good with Kids I'm good with kids 10 and up.
Good with Cats No
Good with Other Dogs I want to play with other dogs, but my doggie manners aren’t that great. I do not know how to engage in play and become aggressive when I do it.
Adoption Fee My people want me to tell you that they are asking for a donation of $200. I guess that's to help pay for all the great stuff they've done for me (and other Shelites) with the doctors and everything. I'm pretty sure I cost them more than that, but they want me to find a wonderful new home to go to. Kinda cool, huh?

Anyway, I'm sure you are a pretty good person. If you fill out our application form and send it to my people, maybe we can meet, you could show me your house, and we can even become friends! (You do have blankets and pillows and a car, right?)

Please note that Nebraska Sheltie Rescue requires that a placement home has a completely fenced yard in order to be considered. There are too many horrible stories about dogs getting out and having bad things happen. (For more on NSR's fence policy, see here.)

Adoption Application

If you are interested in adopting one of our Shelties—either an available one or one that may come in the future—please fill out our online application form. If you are interested in a particular dog, there is a place to enter the doggie's name. If you are interested in being considered for any of our dogs—either ones we don't have yet or because one you are interested in is no longer available—fill out an application anyway. We will try to let you know when new dogs that match your interest become available.

Adoption Contract

When people adopt a dog from Nebraska Sheltie Rescue, they are asked to sign our adoption contract. This is so we can feel comfortable that our dogs will be going to good homes, be safe, and treated well. 

Even if you are not ready to adopt a dog yet, you can view this contract to find out and decide if this is something you are willing to do. (To be honest, if you really care about doggies, none of this will come as a surprise.)